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Hello, my name is Peter.
Welcome to my website.
Me, shot with my own camera by a friend in Brisbane 2010.

This is just a cyber place for me to show some of my photographs.

If you like them, then please e-mail me for a copy,

{peter at peterking dot photo}

as I retain copyright ownership on all my photographs.

Me. Shot with my own camera by a friend in Brisbane 2010.

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The images you will see have only been reduced in size to load a bit quicker. Other than that, or where stated, the images are untouched.

The original of the images were mostly taken on my Canon EOS7D and are usually around 5184x3456 and around 26mb.

Most of my photo's are of Kitesurfing on the Western Australian coast.

I live in Perth and due to health issues I don't tend to wander too far. I mostly visit The Pond near Mandurah, but have photographed at
Brighton Beach, Pinaroo Point, Woodmans Point, Matilda Bay, Augusta and a few other places.

Why Kitesurfing? In 2006 I was having dinner whilst sitting on the grass at Brighton Beach anticipating the sunset and started watching one particular surfer who seemed to be having a shitload of fun and took a few photo's with my little Sony digital camera. When he finished for the day, at sunset, it took a lot for me to work up the courage to introduce myself to him and get his photograph. His name is Ian Young and he is a Kitsurfing Instructor, you can check him out at From then on I was hooked. As I said I have a few health problems and because of them I could not even consider taking up the sport myself, but watching those that do the sport, I am in awe. The apparent grace and sheer beauty of the movements got me wanting to photograph them.

I went out and bought myself a Canon 350D with the standard lens plus a 75-300 zoom lens and started taking photo's. Early in 2009 I added a Canon MD225 Video camera to my arsenal and have used it to create a movie for one of the surfers at Matilda Bay. In March 2010 I decided to upgrade the camera and so I bought the first of my, now two, Canon 7D's along with a 70-200L and a 1.4 Teleconverter. The 350D was gifted to someone I heard about who was desperate to get a DSLR but just couldn't afford it.

In October 2009 I joined an online photography forum called Ausphotography. It is owned and operated by a Tamanian but that's OK. Since joining the forum I have learnt so much and my abilities have improved substantially so I can not recomend it highly enough. In the same year I also bought an iMac 27in and to this day I still look at the screen and think, "Shit! Thats a huge screen." With the iMac I also bought Lightroom and subscribe to Photoshop.

As for software Irfanview is my preffered software for a PC but on the iMac I use Lightroom For video I let my Mac and Imovie do the work. Irfanview is free, and you can't get much cheaper than that, and it does what I want. You can check it out at